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One of the biggest new buzzwords out there is “cloud computing.” Some dentists are already familiar with this term. In fact, many dentists are already using websites like Facebook and Flickr that employ the cloud. Some dental practice management software (PMS) manufacturers are just beginning to utilize cloud-based software as an alternative to traditional client-based dental PMS software like Eaglesoft, Softdent or Dentrix. Before going further, it is time to clear out the clouds and figure out exactly what cloud computing means.

Cloud-based software is also referred to as “SaaS” (software as a service), web-based software, or ASP (application service provider). Cloud computing is essentially computing delivered as a service rather than a product. It’s where shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices (tablets, mobile phones, etc.) over a network. Users can access this network from all over the world granted they have a compatible device and internet service.

Proponents of the cloud-based system say it offers several advantages digital dental x rays
 over a localized client-based computing system.

1) Data storage and backup – since the data is stored via the internet on large servers located off-site, you have much larger and more reliable storage capabilities. Also, there’s less need to backup your data locally (via CD, DVD, hardisk or remote/offsite companies) since it’s consistently and reliably backed up on the servers maintained by the company supplying the software.